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    Mrs Mary Brown's Story

    At 77 years of age I had a complete knee replacement done by Mr Dunkow. The skill within which Mr Dunkow performed the operation together with the care and attention which he gave me both before and a...

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    Margaret Brown's Story

    After my recent visit to Mr Dunkow, concerning my painful hip and future operation, I was impressed and thankful for Mr Dunkows kind and understanding nature and response to my questions and concerns....

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    John Barnes's Story

    I was referred to Mr. Dunkow in 2013, following the diagnosis of a severely arthritic hip which had affected my mobility. In September, Mr. Dunkow performed a full replacement of my right hip. The ope...

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    Steven Myers's Story

    Mr Dunkow performed a full ACL reconstruction on my left knee in February 2018. Initially my ACL was in very bad condition but Mr Dunkow was able to completely reconstruct it leaving it in a strong an...

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    Jason Mugridge's Story

    If you have any orthopaedic issues and you want an honest, ethical opinion then you should visit Mr Paul Dunkow. Mr Dunkow will explain things clearly, give you honest and ethical advice and a treatme...

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    Jane Mellon's Story

    Mr Dunkow and his team were absolutely exceptional in all aspects of my treatment. I couldn’t have been better cared for and kept more informed throughout the whole process. Mr Dunkow’s level of p...

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    Avril Drinkwater's Story

    In March 2020 I had my hip replaced by Mr Dunkow. Having previously had hip injections with Mr Dunkow I specifically chose Mr Dunkow to conduct my hip replacement due to his extremely professional, ye...

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    Stephanie Hodgson's Story

    After previously having a knee arthroscopy performed by Mr Dunkow I chose to have my hip replacement conducted by him in March 2020. Mr Dunkow is very personable and made me feel very comfortable. I f...

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    John Whalley's Story

    Mr Dunkow conducted a full knee replacement on myself in December 2019. Mr Dunkow was very professional and made sure that I understood all aspects of my procedure, making sure I was fully at ease. I ...

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    Marjorie Archer's Story

    Thank you for being the skilled and dedicated surgeon that you are. What would I have done without you?

    I am now the new proud owner of two strong and versatile hips that allow me to enjoy al...

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