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    Kaye Marshall's Story

    I couldn't have been in better hands than Mr Dunkow or recovered better after a torn meniscus. My whole lower leg / ankle suddenly swelled after twisting and I was unable to walk far without extreme p...

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    Barbara Ridley's Story

    A massive thank you to Mr Dunkow and his marvelous team.
    Had my knee replacement last June so this year I am having my first holiday pain free.
    A big big thank you to Georgie of the physio team ...

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    Mr Ian Hall 's Story


    Due to your excellent surgery on both my knees,I am now able to work full time even though I'm 70.....both total knee replacements worked !

    I'm now able to look af...

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    Howard Dunk's Story

    After 50 years of golf and skiing. I thought my world had come to an end, when my left knee became very painful and limited very much my sporting activities. I was 77 years old and luckily I heard abo...

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    Sue Latham's Story

    Having suffered for many years with a bad knee and having had various procedures I went to Mr Dunkow thinking it would be the end of my knee which I didn’t want to happen yet ( 58yrs). He listened a...

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    J Roberts's Story

    Having had a total knee replacement in October 2020 I just wish to extend my sincere thanks for the success that the operation and your efforts has allowed me to recover and return to a lifestyle of e...

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    Evelyn Foster's Story

    I first saw Mr. Dunkow in March 2019 and presented with two very bent, advanced arthritic knees, finding the simplest of daily tasks extremely painful & felt completely worn down. Just a few weeks lat...

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    Mrs Mary Brown's Story

    At 77 years of age I had a complete knee replacement done by Mr Dunkow. The skill within which Mr Dunkow performed the operation together with the care and attention which he gave me both before and a...

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    Margaret Brown's Story

    After my recent visit to Mr Dunkow, concerning my painful hip and future operation, I was impressed and thankful for Mr Dunkows kind and understanding nature and response to my questions and concerns....

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    John Barnes's Story

    I was referred to Mr. Dunkow in 2013, following the diagnosis of a severely arthritic hip which had affected my mobility. In September, Mr. Dunkow performed a full replacement of my right hip. The ope...

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